Vogler Economic Development Consultants



Key Areas of Expertise:

Industrial & Innovation Policy
Comprehensive industrial as well as innovation policy making requires concerted efforts across various policy areas. We offer a holistic approach towards the policy cycle covering diagnostics and the policy design and implementation process as well as the institutional set-up. More

Investment Promotion & Economic Development Programmes
We support our clients in developing strategies and programmes to improve the conditions for economic growth, attract new investments and provide the necessary resources and assistance for private sector development. More

Development of Science & Technology Parks
In close collaboration with our clients, we design strategic frameworks for park and zone development in the context of the regional environment and policy framework. More

Transversal Services:
Our services in the field of organizational development, training and moderation are closely aligned to our thematic areas of expertise and concern the institutional setup and skill requirements of organizations and units related to industrial development and investment promotion. More

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