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Industrial & Innovation Policy

Industrial & Innovation Policy

Industrial and innovation policies have become core concerns on the policy agenda today. Comprehensive policy making requires concerted efforts across various policy areas. Close links and the strong degree of interdependence between industrial, innovation and other policies call for a nuanced course of action that utilizes the synergies between the multiple objectives, measures, dimensions and stakeholders. We offer a holistic approach towards the policy cycle covering diagnostics and the policy design and implementation process as well as the institutional set-up. We assist our clients in balancing and aligning the horizontal dimension aimed at improving the general business environment as well as the vertical and spatial dimensions targeting specific sectors, clusters and the spatial distribution of economic activity.


Key services include:

  • Analysis of industrial competitiveness
  • Analysis of the innovation system
  • Cluster and value chain analyses
  • Design of policies & implementation frameworks


Exemplary projects:

  • Growth at Home – Namibia’s Industrial Policy Implementation Framework
    Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
  • Industrial Policy Guidelines for the Federal State of Brandenburg
    Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy of the Federal State of Brandenburg
  • Leveraging Clusters for Industrial Development in Moldova
    German Economic Team Moldova
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